Data security

We employ a strong encryption policy for all data transferred through our system, both in transit and at rest. We define the two types of data streams on our platform as follows:

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Non-PII

When dealing with PII, we’re adding further security means:

  • Every data record is assigned with an short term expiration date, and is automatically erased afterwards
  • Every data record has an additional data encryption layer on the application level.
    That means that in addition to our standard encryption mechanisms used to protect data in transit and at rest, we add an additional application encryption layer.

We leverage world-class cloud service providers

The EasySend platform is based on the technology of world-renowned cloud service providers, AWS and Salesforce Inc. This cloud-based server infrastructure has been thoroughly tested to ensure stability, reliability, and scalability. Because hundreds of companies rely on these same servers, the infrastructure receives constant updates to meet changing data security requirements. This is an enormous benefit for EasySend and, by extension, our customers.

You can read more about our partners’ security and compliance here:, trust.salesforce, heroku

Our no-code environment ensures greater security

Developers are human and subject to occasional error—each line of custom code written could expose your organization to unmitigable risks. The EasySend platform removes this variable with its no-code, drag-and-drop interface.

When you leverage EasySend’s digital process builder, you are protected by the security protocols of the entire platform. We have tested and perfected our code for years, and that same code is used in production by the world’s leading enterprises. Our team works around the clock to identify weak spots and keep every one of your processes secure.

We make GDPR compliance easy

EasySend is fully compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). When you use Easysend, we take the role of data processor, while your organization takes the role of controller.

As required by GDPR, EasySend provides a detailed audit trail of every action performed by your customers and implements strict security measures to protect that data. Our compliance is governed by our Chief Data Protection Officer, who reports directly to our CEO.

As a part of our commitment to trust, we are obligated to provide prompt updates regarding any cybersecurity issue or breach that may have any effect related to your data.