Robust, scalable integration

Out of the box integration with popular CRM

We offer an end to end integration with leading CRM systems such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. With a click of a button process created with EasySend can fetch data, display it, and update your CRM data store.


Built-in ETL processes

Our built-in ETL processes help you easily integrate with databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, MariaDB and more. We can also stream data to cloud storage providers, like Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure, or transfer to network file servers, including FTP/SFTP, Window Shares, local file systems, and many more.


Integrating with EasySend’s platform

EasySend offers three implementation options:

1. Cloud-based service

Our cloud-based implementation offers maximum flexibility, enabling customers to get started in seconds and deploy to production within one week. EasySend’s cloud environment includes enterprise-grade security (see our security page for more information). This is our most popular implementation method, as it offers scalability, real-time updates, remote availability, and zero in-house maintenance.

2. Hybrid installation

A hybrid approach offers the agility of a cloud-based installation along with the security of keeping your data in-house. To execute a hybrid installation, we install a secure agent server in your network that will allow EasySend to send and receive data on a per-request basis. The result is cloud-grade flexibility without the inherent risks of storing customer data on public servers.

3. Fully on premises installation

Contact our sales team to learn more about this implementation option.