EasySend for Telecom

Today’s telecom operators must be agile, so that they can optimize digital experiences as customer needs evolve. Over the past decade, OTT and MVNO players have disrupted the market. Traditional telcos have seen a steady decrease in ARPU and a corresponding profitability erosion—meanwhile, CAPEX spending remains high.

EasySend is cloud-based, helping telcos keep their infrastructure lean. Boost profitability, drive customer satisfaction and foster loyalty—all with our no-code digitization platform.

  • Power your business with a lean, agile IT infrastructure

    Our no-code drag-and-drop interface empowers non-technical users to create amazing digital experiences. Now your IT team can focus on core projects, rather than day-to-day maintenance.

  • Maximize customer satisfaction and ROI

    Optimize and personalize the customer experience, using real-time data and analytics available on the EasySend platform. A/B test and update instantly to boost completion rates and ROI.

  • Seize the competitive advantage

    The market and technology are constantly evolving—and so are the ways you engage your customers. With EasySend, you can outstrip competitors and launch new digital products in a single day.

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