Advanced data & analytics

Get valuable insights into user behavior for every process and optimize for maximum growth.

  • Analytics dashboard: View traffic, open rates, and completion rates over time.
  • Optimization insights: View specific user drop points. Understand what your customers want and optimize to achieve growth.
  • A/B testing: A built-in A/B testing mechanism tests and validates new improvements with the click of a button.

Custom-branded experience across any channel

Processes are fully responsive and customized to match your brand, so you can deliver an exceptional user experience.

  • White-labeled: All front side is fully white-labeled so that your brand’s look and feel proliferates across all processes.
  • Fully Responsive: Processes are fully responsive on mobile and desktop, across all leading browsers and operating systems.
  • Multi-language: Once deployed, processes may easily be supported in multiple languages.

Flexible third-party integrations

These third-party integrations are optional add-ons to design your complete solution.

  • Onboarding solutions: Integrate processes with third-parties which assure KYC and AML protocols are in place.
  • Claims solutions: Connect claims solutions, such as a car claims drawer or car damage interface, to EasySend to keep data consistent.
  • Security integrations: Add third-party security integrations to ensure maximum privacy and protection.


EasySend supports workflow so that multiple internal or external users may collaborate within a process.

  • Workflow: Enable workflows by configuring business logic for processes with codependent parts. Our system makes collaboration easy and ensures that each party receives only relevant communications.
  • Built-in communication: Automate personalized emails or SMS messages before or after a process, which include platform-generated attachments or legal documents.
  • Auto-reminders: Automatically reengage customers with pre-configured reminders and boost your completion rates.


Generate an approved digital signature without messy paper.

  • Sign: Clients can sign directly on desktop or mobile with a mouse or finger.
  • Audit: Each step of the process is added to a legal audit trail to keep you secure.
  • Legal archiving: Ask our sales team about legal documents generated by the platform.