EasySend for Insurance

For insurers, brokers, and MGAs, digital transformation generates a powerful impact. Studies have found that digitizing processes like quotes, onboarding and claim management, could reduce expenses by up to 30%, and drive a 20% increase in customer satisfaction *

EasySend is the smart way to digitize the entire customer journey.

  • Transform manual forms into digital experiences

    Paper forms hurt completion rates and lead to low customer satisfaction. Not to mention, on the backend, paper is just plain inefficient. Our platform enables you to digitize manual processes without any code and provides advanced optimization tools.

  • Empower your sales channel: field agents and brokers

    Our agent portal empowers your sales channel, enabling agents to share digital experiences directly with customers. The dashboard aggregates all data, making your sales channel audits a breeze

  • Unify systems with integrations and compatible data

    Our cloud-based platform is compatible with any CRM or legacy system. It enforces business logic for processes with codependent parts and validates data to ensure accuracy.

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