Why do customers choose EasySend?

EasySend is the only complete digital transformation solution. We empower enterprises to digitize the entire customer journey—all without touching a line of code. Fueled by machine learning and advanced analytics, our platform boosts sales, accelerates onboarding and improves operations.

What use cases do you support ?

EasySend supports a wide range of use cases, including:



New policy application (for both personal and commercial lines) and on boarding, claims administration, policy renewal and cancelation of policy



Account opening and acquisition, KYC and AML, personal loans and mortgage



Changing price plan, online upsell and cross sell

I’m a Marketing /Digital /Operations /IT Manager. How can EasySend help me?

EasySend offers many advantages to different stakeholders in your organization:


Marketing & Digital

Our advanced data and analytics tools make it easy to optimize the customer journey, boost performance and hit your KPIs—all by yourself, through our no-code, drag-and-drop interface. Our intuitive builder also shortens your time to market, enabling you to launch new products and services within hours.



EasySend helps improve operational efficiency by reducing manual work. Our platform eliminates data incompatibility and standardizes output across all of your backend systems. Integrated digital processes enhance operations and save time throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle.



EasySend helps you boost your team’s efficiency by enabling them to focus on core systems and priorities. Our SaaS-based platform lives in the cloud and requires little in-house maintenance. Our no-code interface even empowers non-technical users to build processes without IT support

How will my customers access my digital processes?

EasySend can be configured so that your digital processes appear on your website, or any other digital asset, after deployment. Your process will have a specific URL which may be sent via SMS, email or your CRM.

What is the difference between a digital PDF and fully digital process?

Smart PDFs reduce errors and inconsistencies, but they do not offer an ideal customer experience. Processes built with EasySend are dynamic, mobile-first, personalized by language, and fully branded with your look and feel.

EasySend’s Builder

Why is a SaaS platform preferable to homegrown custom-coded solution?

A Software-as-a-Service platform will shorten your time to market from 4-6 months down to a day! Because the platform serves a wide network of end users, we detect bugs quickly and resolve all security holes.


Secondly, our expertise in building amazing digital experiences complements your deep knowledge of your business. SaaS solutions often eliminate the learning curve and save you time. Our platform is pre-built with sophisticated capabilities, which reflect our years of experience. These include audit, workflow, validations, conditions, and computed fields. The platform also has unique components design to fit industry-specific needs, such as car claims and brokers’ administration.

Do I need to be a coder to use the EasySend builder?

No! The EasySend builder has an intuitive drag-and—drop interface, which empowers anyone to build, change and optimize digital process.

How soon can the first process be in production?

Get production up and running with your first process within two weeks. After that, you can build and deploy brand new processes and products within a single day.

Do you also offer solutions for agents?

EasySend empowers your sales channel with a full suite of features for agents and brokers. Our platform includes an agent portal, which offers a full view of all products and enables agents to share digital experiences directly with clients. Agents may co-browse with their clients , for a personal touch, or include workflows to link their customers and colleagues. Our dashboard makes it easy to aggregate customer data, track agent performance, and manage tasks.

Can forms be configured to pre-fill existing data?

Yes! In 3 cases:


1. Processes can be sent from an internal system, like a CRM, already pre-filled with user information to reduce the work for your customer.


2. They can also be sent from an independent agent admin with data pre-filled by the agent.


3. Those same process can be accessed from the personal area of the website and pre-filled after user-authentication is established.

Legal & Compliance

Does your eSignature validate?

Yes. Our eSignature is held in high legal opinion by top law firms. We provide an audit trail and, as an option, you can save a copy of your customer’s completed document as a PDF.

What if I need a PDF contract to meet regulation requirements?

No problem! The process output can include a filled PDF for your archive.

When a user submits a form or completes a process, will they get a notification?

Yes! You can send a customized email or SMS confirmation to the end customer.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes! Read more about our security and compliance here

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