EasySend for Financial Services

For banks and financial institutions, digital transformation is no longer optional. Over 80% of consumers already engage with their bank through digital channels, and over 60% prefer digital processes for home loans and mortgages

Traditional banks must digitize the customer experience to remain competitive and retain market share.EasySend accelerates your digital transformation. With our no-code platform, you can launch a full suite of digital experiences, customized to match your brand, in less than a week.

  • Digitize the entire customer lifecycle

    Manage the entire customer lifecycle, including onboarding and servicing. Launch a full suite of digital processes to support broker deals, loans, wealth management, investments, and banking.

  • Optimize with advanced data and analytics

    After deployment, track data and optimize to boost conversion rates. Leverage our dashboard, equipped with powerful analytics, to make instant updates, A/B test variables, and identify weak spots.

  • Boost efficiency with multi-user workflow

    Our platform makes workflows easy: it enforces business logic and forwards completed form information and documents back to your system. Each user only receives relevant updates.

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